2022 Richter Camp with Don Julin (in purple to left)

The 2022 Richter Mandolin Camp was truly fun this. From great classes on blues, arranging rock tunes, pentatonic scales, and other assorted mischief, we had a wonderful visit from master luthier Will Kimble and the roots-deep blues guitar of Gordon Bonham.

2023 will be the 10th Richter Mandolin Camp (though started in 2011, took a break for a couple years to work on PhD quals). The dates will be announced soon. Looking to make the 10th year extra special!


Welcome to the Jim Richter Mandolin Camp for the Rest of Us Featuring Don Julin. 2022 was the Camp’s 9th year. Dating back to 2011, the Camp has focused on providing an educational and nurturing environment for adult mandolin enthusiasts who often feel stuck in their playing and tend to have musical interests outside of bluegrass (though always a welcome genre at Camp!).

Jim Richter and Will Patton’s (2015 Camp)

The Richter Camp strives to provide a space for all to feel comfortable and supported in seeking better understanding of who they are as musicians. There are no wrong questions nor any wrong notes!

The Richter Camps sprang from a long history of supporting mandolin camps and concerts for the central Indiana/Great Lakes region. These included camps and concerts with Mike Compton, David Grier, David Long, Matt Flinner, Rich DelGrosso, Butch Robins, Roland White and others. We’ve been visited by brilliant luthiers Will Kimble (a friend, maker of my mandolins, and a sponsor) and Steve Gilchrist, and in recent years back to back years by a young (and at the time up and coming) Billy Strings. The intimidate setting—the wonderful Grant Street Inn in Bloomington Indiana—is one that invites friends to stop by, hang out, and chill with the group.

Billy Strings and Don Julin (2014 Camp)
Will Kimble and Jim Richter (2014 Camp)

What has made the camp very special in recent years has been the passion that Don Julin puts into his mandolin instruction and nurturing of students. Don is a master of instruction—besides being a killer performer. His work in fleshing out the concept of music performance as communication aligns very well my my own concepts of music as extension of self (and poor self-conceptualization can then create barriers to growing as a musician). Don is an incredible human being and his contributions in and to camp help make it the success that it is.

Don Julin (2014 Camp)

Please review the CAMP DETAILS page for more specific information on the layout of the camp. The REGISTRATION page will allow you to enroll in camp and will provide either PayPal payment or snail mail options for tuition.